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Dress Forms

The great thing about a dress form is that it can either be used as a mannequin, garment maker or as an aesthetic collectable. Dress forms are either covered by leather or vinyl, and even a myriad of fashion or upholstery fabrics. There are dress forms that can even be used as a piece of house furnishing, a piece of decorative art or even somewhere to hang clothes on. There are numerous uses. Dressmaker forms are usually the abstract version of a human bust normally for garment production. These are extensively used in making patterns, garments and in fashion design. Throughout the years, they have gone above the garment houses and moved into the retail sector where they have been used for visual merchandising as a mannequin. To begin with, dress forms were constructed from paper mache, however, construction material these days consists of fibre-reinforced plastic (fibreglass) and polyurethane. The fibreglass used is durable and some forms of it from the 1960’s are still used today. The polyurethane foam is the other choice and it provides pinning directly into the body, this is particularly beneficial in dressmaking or for garment displaying that need pinning. There are many dress forms to choose from, many extend from the neck down to the hip and some can include the head.