Phone lines open till Midnight....Fantastic free gifts and extra discount.....This is the best time to consider buying as all prices will be going up very soon.....Please dont delay to avoid disappointment....
Phone lines open till Midnight....Fantastic free gifts and extra discount.....This is the best time to consider buying as all prices will be going up very soon.....Please dont delay to avoid disappointment....

About Singer

 We wish to state that models that are not on our site are not covered by our guarantee


Thank you to all our customers for supporting us this year.

We understand in these hard times that things are not easy but we are happy to report that the last trading quarter has been our busiest on record.

People are now beginning to understand that we are the place to buy from. Our competitors continually fail to provide the sort of service that you will receive from a company like ours.

In these harsh economic times it is not uncommon for competitors, disguised as consumers to provide misinformation about our company, in consumer forums. If there should be the slightest doubt, then please do not hesitate to contact our suppliers directly, and they will unequivocally redirect you to us.

Our philosophy at consists in making the buying of sewing machines as hassle-free as possible. Despite the huge benefits of choice and convenience which online-ordering brings, it is still impossible to replicate the retail environment of experiencing products first-hand.

With this in mind, we decided that the only way to make the website a true convenience-shopping portal and to render this virtual shopping experience more real is to allow you to order a sewing machine with a 30-day trial to ensure it is the correct machine for your needs.

If you find that after 30 days it is not the machine for you we will allow you to exchange the machine for another.

We will collect and deliver your next machine free-of-charge, which will also be on a 30-day trial.

Which companies offer such a unique service?

From time to time we have some great offers. Stock runs out very quickly, so there is an element of speed when we take orders over the phone. We are, however, not always privy to stock that is being held by our suppliers.

Please ask for definite stock levels before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

Of course, there are many areas where you are able to purchase a sewing machine, an overlocker, a steam or dry press, or cabinet.

Why would you buy from Singer Direct ?

The history of our company should set your mind at ease.

Over 100 years of trading in domestic and industrial machines. Our current Managing Director is the fourth generation in the same company. His experience of knowing what machines to buy and sell is the result of 40 years within the industry.

Over the years we have been involved with retail in our own shops, department stores, and now the internet and Shopping Channels. We have contracts with most TV channels. Our own Managing Director, presents and has done for several years on Shopping Channels

We employ over 30 people who all know how to sew. If you call our freephone number you will find we are open 7 days a week from 7.30am till 11.00pm to take your calls - you will not have to wait to get through to a specific department since all people in our company are experienced in sewing and so can advise, help or address any question you might have.Our service department has 7 full time engineers headed by Mr Michael, who has been in the industry for 35 years - he has a team of three engineers who can normally return a machine within 24 hours of receiving it.We offer full free training in our showroom in North London - we have qualified experienced seamstresses who can advise on any project you may have, whether it be curtain-making, pattern- cutting, embroidery quilting etc.

If you contact any of the main manufacturers they will tell you that we have become a distributor due to the sheer volume of machines that we sell - our buying prices have become so competitive that you will not be able to find a machine cheaper anywhere else. If you do please let us know!
In conclusion, we offer the most comprehensive guarantees and after sales service. Our dedicated sales team on extension 23 will handle any problems you may have. There are many in this department so you will not be left waiting on the phone.
If you are not happy with any area of our company please contact , our Managing Director, since he is PERSONALLY INVOLVED on all levels. We must learn from our customers, and hence he can be reached on his direct number of 0208 236 1520
Remember "penny wise pound foolish". We offer old-fashioned, white-glove service, service that one can only expect from a company which has gone from strength to strength for over a century.

Thank you to all our customers and please remember, Singer Direct is the only choice for you!